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Trouble & Trix Neutral Anti Bacterial Litter Crystals

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Trouble N Trix get cats. They love that they are self cleaning, self-sufficient creatures, and they love the way they provide a sense of calm and stability in the home.
Trouble and Trix know a clean and fresh home is as important to you as it is to your cat, and thats why Trouble And Trix cat litter makes this simple....
This odour control scoopable litter is used to rapidly trap pungent urine odours in an easy clean, one scoop clump that forms at the top of the litter pile, reducing litter wastage while increasing
cleaning convenience.

Product Reviews for Trouble & Trix Neutral Anti Bacterial Litter Crystals

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Smells nice

I’ve been using this litter It works well doesn’t track and has a lovely aroma I would recommend

Glennis Biggs
- 04 Dec 2019 9:17am

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