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Farm Russel Rabbit Crunchers

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Size: 120g

Delicious, nutritious baked treats specifically developed for small pets, Supreme Russel Rabbit Crunchers are made at the Supreme Bakery in the heart of Suffolk, using locally sourced natural ingredients for a truly irresistible treat perfectly complementing your small animal’s balanced daily diet.

Made with the wholesome, tasty goodness of natural grains and carrots, Supreme Russel Rabbit Crunchers are rich in natural flavour, baked to perfection for a crunchy biscuit ideal for daily treating. They’re great for rabbits, as well as other tiny friends including hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, mice and rats.

Fresh from the bakery, Supreme Russel Rabbit Crunchers are a tasty treat perfectly sized for hand feeding, encouraging interaction and bonding between pet and owner. They’re also great for scattering around your pets enclosure to encourage natural foraging instincts and providing environmental enrichment.

Feed as a tasty treat to complement your pet’s diet.  Feed 1 – 2 treats per day depending on the size and condition of your pet.

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