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Charcoal Puppy Training Pads

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Size: 50 Pack


 Up to 1 L liquid capacity

  • Exclusive 7 layers design to maximise absorption and minimise leakage
  • Charcoal layer designed to minimize antibacterial contamination and odors smell
  • Paradiso Moisture Sealing (PMS) System provides fast liquid absorption and lock them in at the same time
  • Perfectly fit into Paradiso Pet Tray and could be applied for any dry surface.

Product Reviews for Charcoal Puppy Training Pads

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Highly Absorbant Charcoal Pads

We have been looking for these types of pads for a while and came by a recommendation from a friend of ours along with the Pet surface. After using the pads we are really happy with how absorbent and dry the pad keeps, but more so how the charcoal suppresses odours so we can keep the pads longer. Really good product and great value too. Wil Curtis

Wil Curtis
- 23 Apr 2020 1:28pm

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