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Paradiso Pet Wee Tray Enhanced Version

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Size: 65cm(L) 55cm(W) 4cm(H)

What is special about the Paradiso Pet Tray?

  1. Quality product with high liquid capacity

    Our pet potty can load up to 1.5 litre liquid capacity and provides the best quality in the current market. 

    Our grass is UV proof with heavy duty stitching and 3 layers backing. 

    Urine will not easily discolour the grass and tray. Also this tray can be used with puppy training pads.


  1. Friendly design for people and pets

    Our product is free from hazardous chemicals. 

    There are no sharp corners, so family and pets are kept safe from injury, cuts or harmful chemicals. 

   It is a well-made light weight product with quality and durability, by using high quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene  Styrene (ABS) instead of metal or plastic,


  1. Provide safe comfortable feeling for pets

    Designed with natural grass texture and colour, it provides extra cushioning to maximise your pets comfort.

    Our Artificial Grass mat has World Wide Recognised Product Qualificiations to provide maximum protection 

    for both people and pets


  1. Easy to clean, low maintenance and more importantly, it is chemical free

    Our grass and potty can be easily cleaned with plain tap water to ensure children and pets are safe 

    from harmful chemicals.


  1. Minimise bacterial and fungal contamination

All other current products require harsh chemicals to combat mold and bacteria. 

Our high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) product with Nano Coating will minimise bacterial and fungal growth as well as being resistant to acid, alkaline corrosion, microorganisms and salt decay.


  1. Elegant Design

    Our design team has combined, the Sky Blue and Cloud White color design with the Natural look grass surface

    to provide eye friendly fell and it can be blended in well with any type of home.



Product Reviews for Paradiso Pet Wee Tray Enhanced Version

Average rating for this product
(4 reviews)

Great replacement of the real grass

Bringing my puppy outside for toilet when it rains is super difficult, as he gets distracted very easily. The product help solved the problem. Puppy learns to go on the first try, and it is very easy to assemble and clean. Great product.

- 08 Feb 2020 12:12am

Paradise Pet Wee Tray & Charcoal pad

Have been using this since Christmas 2018. One of the best tray I've used, not to mention the texture of the fake grass is nice and soft on my 2 year old Frenchie's paws. He absolutely loves using this! We live in a high-rise apartment in Melbourne and this is very convenient for us. We use it together with the charcoal pad (by Paradiso as well) and it absolutely minimise the odour. Great products! Will repurchase the charcoal pads when we are done :)

Esther Yong
- 22 Feb 2019 11:40am

Paradise Pet Wee Tray Enhanced Version

Purchased the unit 3 weeks ago now bought a second unit . Bought a 3rd.Mat as well.. Highly recommend this unit for Apartment living. ESTHER our Bichon/Lhapso Apso cross 14 weeks old. Forest Lake 4078 Old

- 27 Jan 2019 3:08pm


Can't tell you how much we like this product. In actual fact we bought a second Unit as well as a spare grass mat.purchased from RSPCA Wacol Brisbane.Absolutely ideal for Apartment living.Puppy12 weeks old Esther is toilet trained in 48 Hours . We couldn't believe the results You won't be disappointed.. Thanks LR & CR Dingwall Forest Lake 4078

- 26 Jan 2019 9:14pm

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