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Biotraka GPS Unit For Pets

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Size: 58x42x15mm

Just released - No more lost pets . Introducing- The new Pet Wearable GPS , which captures your pets activity, has real -time geolocation and calendar alerts-all in a lifestyle proof package with the longest battery life available. This price includes 3 Months Subscription to get you started , 12 month subscription is $69 per Year. 

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Product Reviews for Biotraka GPS Unit For Pets

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A failure of a product with horrible support

I have had three of these trackers. I met with the business owner who gave me the current one. I explained to him my disappointment in the consistency with this product, he replaced my device. But each one has had identical issues. They fail to connect to Wifi, they do rarely connect to GPS. They have all constantly shown they are offline, despite being in open skies and or near wifi. This product has no real support or effort from staff to resolve the major flaws in how it operates

- 09 Jan 2020 3:53pm

First one I've had that works

Bought one of these from JB HiFi of all places a few weeks ago as we were going on Holiday. Easy to set up. Does what is says and is pretty accurate. Buying one now for my sister in law form her now, a better deal here is the same price but it comes with a great pouch and the RSPCA get some help too.. Win Win. I've had 2 other types, but they didn't really work.

Peter Wilson
- 25 Jan 2019 12:20pm

So So Tracker

Bought the product 4 months ago for my new Chow Chow puppy. Because a Chow is a very rare breed in Australia we wanted to keep a close eye on him whilst at work. Unfortunately when we use BioTracker is actually says our puppy is across the road at a neighbours house. There was on occasion I noticed he was at the park, I txt my partner and he said they were both watching TV. It makes me hesitant that the product is accurate. I hope the company works on improving the accuracy of their device.

- 25 Dec 2018 4:15am

Wow It Works

I had purchased the previous Trakapet GPS unit and had a few issues. All I can say is I tried this one a week ago, Its Fantastic , I think this unit is the best on the market. I intend buying a second unit for my Sister. She has an escape artist as well. by the way love the Videos. I would recommend this.

James Fry
- 18 Sep 2018 2:57pm

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