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Golden Bones Beef Tubes

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Size: 3 Piece

Our dog Maxie usually sits and waits politely for his treats, but when I gave him his first beef tube all manners were abandoned! He started by whacking it out of my hand with his paw, then proceeded to run around and around the house with it in a demented victory celebration before settling down for a good chew. I have never seen him so enthusiastic about a treat in his life. I love the fact that its hollow, so we could pop some peanut butter or honey inside to make it last even longer (though Max was more than content with his beef tube with no additions). Another winner from The Golden Bone Bakery!

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GB Tube Treats for the Win

In Short: My dogs (x3) absolutely loves these GB Bakery Tubes! They crunch away happily for a good while. I like to fill them with some good quality wet food - their fave is the Ziwi Peak wet food (or any as long as it's food!). A really good option to fill and freeze on a hot day as well. I appreciate that they are making the most of the beef industry and utilising every part of the animal instead of having it thrown away.

Steph A
- 05 Oct 2017 1:35pm

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