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Trio Bone Peppermint

$25.00 Inc GST
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Size: Large

This durable nylon bone has a unique design and shape, designed to keep even the most persistent and powerful of chewers satisfied it comes in a range of delicious, long lasting flavours to keep you Fur baby  happy for hours.

It may be washed in soap and water if needed and the delicious  flavour is designed to last for the lifetime of the bone.

  • Durable, long lasting nylon bone
  • Designed to suit the most powerful of chewers
  • Delicious flavour that lasts for the life of the bone
  • May be washed in soap and water if needed


Safety Advice:

  • Not suitable as a fetch toy, do not throw the Tasty Bone for your dog to catch as the impact could damage their teeth.
  • Material is safe for your dog to ingest, small fragments of the bone will pass harmlessly through the gastrointestinal system.
  • Replace the Tasty Bone when it is small enough for your dog to swallow whole.
  • As with all toys, supervision is recommended.

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