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Seresto Collar For Fleas & Ticks Dogs / Puppies

$55.99 Inc GST
delivery$9 Flat Rate Shipping (Australia wide - up to 20kg)

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Size: Over 8kg

Seresto is not your average flea and tick collar. It has been developed using a novel blend of materials, which means it can release active ingredients in controlled, very low doses – giving your dog up to 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks.

Product Reviews for Seresto Collar For Fleas & Ticks Dogs / Puppies

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Works Well

I hesitated to pay $50 for a flea collar that might not work, but took the chance and ordered this Seresto collar. We put it on the dog two days ago, and I'm amazed! The first day, we noticed that the fleas on the front half of his body were gone. Today we didn't find one single live flea on him, nostrils to tail tip. We did notice some dead ones on him. This is the first thing we've ever found that got rid of/killed the fleas! He was lying happily in the sun this morning, not scratching or twitching, for the first time in months.

Terry & Monah
- 27 Mar 2019 5:56pm

Last 8 Months

This is a great product, definitely last 8 months.

- 06 Jul 2017 5:42pm

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