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Seresto Collar For Fleas & Ticks Dogs / Puppies

$55.99 Inc GST
delivery$9 Flat Rate Shipping (Australia wide - up to 20kg)

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Size: Up to 8kg

Seresto is not your average flea and tick collar. It has been developed using a novel blend of materials, which means it can release active ingredients in controlled, very low doses – giving your dog up to 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks.

Product Reviews for Seresto Collar For Fleas & Ticks Dogs / Puppies

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Good product.

I was unsure as to what size to order; I would guess that she'd wear a medium, but since that doesn't exist I went with the large, figuring I'd trim it down - better than having one that was too small. The collar arrived, and sure enough, I had to cut quite a bit off. Anyway, back to my the second day of her wearing the collar, I saw only one flea...and he looked like he was dying. She's stopped scratching, and after a week I haven't seen a single flea on her!

James & Jason
- 27 Mar 2019 6:00pm

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