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Cat Cabana Corner Platform

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One thing your feline freinds long to do is climb. These Floating Platforms will give your cats so much enjoyment doing what they would do in the wild. They climb for a number of reasons and it is a very important part of your cats exercise. Heights will also increase yours pets happiness and reduce anxiety levels. 

These platforms can be located in any corner of the Cat Cabana and at any height.  extras available

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Good use of the corner space.

Easy to assemble. It does require to screw fasten to the frame. The cats seem to like having the high corner spot. Definitely include into the Cat Cabana. Good use of the corner space.

Paul Innes
- 28 Apr 2018 12:59pm

Two happy black cats

Our cats wanted to lie on their platforms even before we attached them to the cat run. Our cat run is a timber and wire netting structure so we fixed them to brackets on one corner and used the cords provided to attach the other corners to the walls. This takes ithe platform away from the wall so the cats have a more free floating feel. They have plenty of other things to climb and sleep on and depending on their mood, use everything including their new platforms. The only negative is the cord which is not easy to tie without it slipping out of place. A picture wire or similar would be better.

- 20 Nov 2017 12:39pm

Just get the Cat Hammock

This platform is very small and as it is made to wedge in a small corner, there really isn't much room for a cat to lay down comfortably or adjust itself on it. My two cats have attempted to sit themselves on it a few times but have given up, and they aren't very big cats. They love the the cat hammock though, which is a more worthwhile purchase.

- 23 Nov 2016 3:26pm

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