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Motion Cat Toy Catch The Mouse

$10.00 Inc GST
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Cats of all ages will go crazy scratching, batting and trying to catch the spinning mouse inside this Catch the Mouse cat toy! No batteries needed, since kitty’s natural motion charges up the fun and makes the mouse spin. Sure to bring out the tiger in your favorite feline, this cat mouse toy will keep her active and engaged for hours, helping deter boredom while maintaining trim, smooth nails. Plastic with scratchpad and non-slip rubber pads to protect floors.

Product Reviews for Motion Cat Toy Catch The Mouse

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Cats play

My feline Sylvester's favourite toy, hours of fun. Just loves it.

- 03 Apr 2018 4:49pm

Short term entertainment only

One of my cats (2 yr old Norwegian Forest, very active and intelligent) really enjoyed this for about 20 minutes, then left it alone. I put it away for a week or so and then brought it out again, but she still wasn't interested, although she liked watching me play with it. Put it away for a couple of months before bringing it out again, and she spent 30 seconds on it then ignored it. My other cat (5 yr old Ragdoll) just yawned and watched, but that's his personality. The toy only cost $10 and it seems to be quite durable. Suspect kittens would persevere longer with it.

- 21 Aug 2017 5:23pm

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