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Tower Of Tracks, Multi Level Cat Toy

$15.00 Inc GST
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Tower of tracks - stacked play station purfect for one or more cats.

• Sturdy construction stands up to vigorous play

• Three levels for exciting fun

• Balls spin and roll to excite kitty's desire to play

• Non-skid pads at bottom

• Stacked play station perfect for one or more cats



Length = 26x26cm

Height = 9cm

Product Reviews for Tower Of Tracks, Multi Level Cat Toy

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I love it

I previously had a similar type of toy to this, but it only had one tier. Eventually the kitties managed to get the ball out of the track & once they figured that out, game over. This has three tiers. So it really keeps the kitties distracted/busy. They will bat at one ball, see another, start to bat at it, then switch. They will lay on their bellies & ping pong the bottom ball back & fourth batting it from paw to paw. It has little rubber nubs on the bottom to help keep in place by my 7 month old kittens manage to knock it all over the place when they really get carried away on my hard wood floors. So far, they haven't dislodged any of the balls. I know it's just a matter of time, but so far, so good. This is a relatively quiet toy as well. The balls don't have rattles. They just quietly roll on the tracks. They only real noise is from overly rambunctious cats, so it's a good toy to leave out for them to play with at night. Overall, I love it.

Jenn Tate
- 27 Mar 2019 5:38pm

My Cats's favorite toy!

This is such a fun interactive toy for cats and their owners. my cat and I love to sit together and play with this toy, sitting opposite sides and batting the balls to each other.

- 09 Jul 2016 3:27pm

Wish I was a cat

Wow, this looks like any cat would love to play with this, Im jealous - id love to play like a cat.

- 30 Mar 2016 5:41pm

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