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Catit Hooded Litter Tray Pink And White

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Size: L48xW38xH44cm

The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan provides privacy for your cat while retaining the litter inside the litter box to keep your household clean while the carbon filter helps to keep it odour free. The large hood lifts up to provide easy access for cleaning, while the built-in bag anchor helps keep the bag open and frees hand for scooping. Size: 48x38x11cm

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I had one of those roll type litter boxes that you roll and all the waste was suppose to go into a pull-out drawer for easy removal. The drawer system lasted only a short time and never worked that well. It had an open door, so EVERYONE knew when it was time to change the box from the smell. It was also difficult to clean. This cat box is a dream come true. I love the door idea with the vent on top. I was worried that my cat might not like it and did leave the door open the first time she went to get use to the box. After that, lid down and she used it! It does prevent smelly litter boxes, but the best feature is the ease of cleaning. You just flip back the whole upper lid and there is ample room to get in there and start shoveling. I recommend a heavy plastic liner, which keeps the box clean and cleanup a breeze for litter replacement time. The bottom walls are high enough that I don't worry about cat splash all over the box. My cat is a large girl, and there is plenty of room for her. Love it, recommend it. Great price also, especially compared to the dysfunctional and expensive roll-cat boxes.

Paul T
- 27 Mar 2019 5:20pm


Adopted a cat for the first time one month ago, and I've been very relieved to see her consistently use this box since the first day. (Actually, she spent the first three days hiding inside the box- clearly a place she feels safe!). I've kept the door off since purchase, and the flip-up lid has been extra convenient for scooping.

- 27 Mar 2019 5:19pm

Nice tray

This tray is a good size for cats, some trays my cat struggles to use. would recommend

- 27 Mar 2019 5:17pm

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