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Adaptil DAP Collar For Large Dogs

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The Adaptil collar has been specifically designed to mimic the appeasing hormone naturally produced by lactating dogs to calm puppies. The appeasing hormone helps dogs feel safe and secure in new environments and during new experiences with overall relaxation.  The collar aids to prevent and alleviate fear related behaviours in puppies and adult dogs. This product can be used in a range of challenging situations such as travel, crate training, loud noises, and introductions to new surroundings.               

 The effect of the collars lasts for four weeks. When fitting the collar ensure your dog's coat is dry and remove during bathing to keep collar dry and active. 

 This collar is suitable for medium to large breed dogs with a neck size up to 62.5cm. 


Product Reviews for Adaptil DAP Collar For Large Dogs

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Worked to calm my terrier

I bought this collar for my older dog when we adopted a younger dog from the RSPCA to help him stay calm and relax around her. I have noticed a huge difference, and he seems pretty relaxed and happy with his new playmate! I recommend this product to dog owners who are having behavioral problems.

Lea Johnston
- 10 Nov 2016 1:29pm

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