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No More Marking + Weeing Inside

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Size: 750ml

The no more marking + weeing targets undesirable urine markings and associated odours, instantly neutralizing the offensive smell leaving a fresh clean scent. This fresh scent is pleasant for humans but quiet offensive for pets therefore minimising their desire to urinate in the treated area.

This powerful formula contains enzymes to breakdown and remove all traces of urine odours and stains including old deep set stains and odours. Locks away odours and can be used for hard surfaces, carpets, walls and fabrics such as beds, cars or sofas. Just remember to do a colour fast test and is safe to use around pets and children.

By eliminating urine stains and residue, whilst teaming this with pet deterrent you are working to break the marking cycle.

Product Reviews for No More Marking + Weeing Inside

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(2 reviews)

Not real good

ive used this, but unfortunately it didn't remove the urine smell. I think its stopped some pees but not all. Ive found that urine off is the best product to remove urine smells.

- 04 Jan 2018 6:05pm

Would not recommend

This product is not effective in repelling and preventing my cat from weeing on my lounge. The urine smell does not lift out despite how many applications I do. My cat is toilet trained and is 6 years old and only recently had found it fun to wee on the lounge. This product does not work and does not perform as per the label and description state, try a different product before resorting to this. It also stains your Lounge also to show a darker area where you've applied the product.

- 24 Apr 2017 6:03pm

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