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The Lookout Window Cat Bed

$51.70 Inc GST
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Size: Depth 32cm x 56cm Wide


This is a great option for cats who love to be up high and off the ground, get them out from under your feet and in a spot they will really love.

Simply attach the elevated sleeping platform to a window or glass door and watch your cat enjoy the benefits of sun baking, watching the world go by and sleeping. The platform is secured in place on the window or door with four extra-large and durable suction cups and is suitable for all sized cats.  The durable cover is also machine washable for easy fast cleaning.

Product Reviews for The Lookout Window Cat Bed

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Absolutely fantastic

I bought this last Friday for my 9yr old rescue, he's a bit timid and a larger cat due to age, because of this he's not the kind to jump up on tables or windows and does find it hard to fit on windowsills. I've been a bit sad that he hasn't to look out the windows. Now he can, we put it together and he spends most of his time in it, looking outside, being able to watch everything inside and to snooze in. He rates it 5 paws. Because he is bigger (4.7kgs) his weight when he is on it isn't an issue. Will be getting more of these for different locations around the house and so my other cat can be in one if he wishes to.

- 18 Feb 2020 1:48pm

A must-have for your cat

I bought this for my kitty Molly when we first brought her home. Since then she's spent most of her time on her little perch on the window watching the birds and trees in the back garden. I plan to buy another one for the front too. I definitely recommend.

- 25 Oct 2016 8:15pm

A Gret Product

I Purchased this lookout from World For Pets, My cat loves to sleep on it, the lookout is a great idea.

- 07 Jun 2016 3:53pm

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