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Catit Fresh n Clear Drinking Fountain

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Size: 3 Litre

Cat-It is a manufacturer of high quality drinking fountain. It promotes good heath habit providing a continuous supply of clean fresh water all the time. Using the built-in small water pump it re-circulate the water oxygenating it and result to a fresh-tasting, refreshingly cool water for all your small four legged member of the family. A series of filter keeps the water clean and removes other water contaminants that can cause health problems. They are very attractive especially to cats that are playful by nature and always curious on anything that moves. This will eliminate the need for teaching them. Encouraging cats to drink plenty of water helps ensure proper kidney function and may decrease common health problems like crystal formation and urinary disease.

Product Reviews for Catit Fresh n Clear Drinking Fountain

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Best Fountain I've Used

I have a more expensive Drinkwell Fountain with water that runs as though from a tap that most of my cats don't find appealing. This bubbler has been perfect. My cats started using it as soon as I put it together, even my 18yo who is very picky about the quality of his water these days. (He won't drink if the still water isn't immediately refreshed.) I have to top this up a couple of times a day, which is nothing. It was easy to put together, makes no noise, and there are no spills. I'm buying a second one because I have a lot of cats.

- 22 Jan 2018 6:13pm

Highly recommend

I purchased this drinking fountain as I had concerns that my cats weren't drinking enough water as I rarely saw them drinking from their water bows. When I opened the fountain I had my doubts, but both my cats took to the fountain instantly. I use this fountain indoors and have no problems with spills.

- 18 Sep 2016 11:51am

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