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Cry Havoc "Book" The History of The War Dog.

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Canines have long been a soldier's best friend.  This book tells the History of the Dogs that go to war and includes photographs of some of the them performing their duties for their handlers.  It covers different countries and different duties that these wonderful dogs perform.  An excellent book for someone who has an interest in both history and dogs

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5 star review.

The reviews I made were all 5 stars....just forgot to click on the 5 star option! Sorry!

Paul Innes
- 17 Oct 2017 5:19pm

Great reading. A very informative book with several amazing pictures!

This book is packed with information for those who want to find out about how dogs have made an extremely important inclusion into the ranks of various armies throughout the ages. Check out the Austrian skydiving dog! "Cry Havoc!, and release the Dogs of War!" - Gaius Julius Ceasar.

Paul Innes
- 17 Oct 2017 5:05pm

Excellent Book- Worth Reading

I recently purchased this book, it makes great reading. I recommend it.

John Mathews
- 12 Jan 2017 11:06am

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