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Acme Silent Dog Whistle

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A quality professional silent dog whistle designed for a dogs sensitive hearing. According to the manufacturer, this silent whistle is effective up to 2 miles depending on wind, weather and terrain. It is also suitable for close work. Training instructions included. Made in England.

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Dearer than my dog

Wow will need to sell my dog to pay for the whistle

- 12 Nov 2019 8:08pm

Dog Whistle

There is no such thing as a silent training whistle; that defeats the purpose of its use. This whistle is extremely high-pitched and can be *almost* inaudible to human ears. In other words, it's not startlingly loud and irritating to us, but you can still hear it. For those of who who expect the Acme Silent Dog Whistle to miraculously work immediately, you need to understand that nothing you do will have instantaneous results. This whistle is a TRAINING tool, not a quick fix. Every dog needs to actually be trained to respond to stimulus (in this case, the whistle) in order to expect results.

- 28 Mar 2019 9:47am

Good to blow

Simply amazing tool for dogs. I researched this product quite thoroughly on the internet prior to purchase. Watched many dog trainer videos, and this seemed to be the most recommended out of all the dog whistles. Within one hour I had my two Aussies responding to my command using this dog whistle. Pick a treat your dogs totally get excited over and use that as the reward. My dogs love hot dogs. I nuked a hot dog and sliced it into tiny pieces then chose two sharp blows on the whistle as my signal to recall them. Blew the whistle and immediately both their heads popped up and they looked at me and came running as hard and as fast as they could. Reinforce their good behavior and you will get great results. Remember to be consistent in your commands. All I say after blowing the whistle is one short word, "Come." I'm ordering another.

Kora Tracey
- 06 Mar 2019 4:59pm

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