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Dog Anxiety Shirt, Thundershirt


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The Thundershirt is a safe, effective and drug-free anxiety solution for dogs. It's patent-pending design applies gentle, constant pressure on a dog's torso, and this pressure has an amazing calming effect for most dogs.

Pressure has been used to successfully reduce anxiety for many years for both animals and humans. Examples include certain groups of dog trainers using pressure wraps for a wide variety of anxieties, veterinarians using squeeze chutes when vaccinating cattle, and thousands of people with autism using pressure to relieve persistent anxiety.
Thundershirt's are ideal for:
Fear of thunder
Separation anxiety
Barking problems
Any noise anxiety
Car or travel anxiety
Crate anxiety
General fearfulness
Leash pulling
General training tool
 Simply measure your dog's chest (torso) just behind the front legs at its largest point.
Dog Anxiety Shirt, Thundershirt
sizing information

X Small   33.02 cm - 45.72 cm (Chest Size). For dogs weighing between 4.55 kg and 8.18 kg.
Small   40.64 cm - 58.42 cm (Chest Size). For dogs weighing between 6.82 kg and 11.36 kg.
XX Small   22.86 cm - 34.29 cm (Chest Size). For dogs weighing less than 5.45 kg
Medium   45.72 cm - 66.04 cm (Chest Size). For dogs weighing between 9.09 kg and 22.73 kg.
Large   60.96 cm - 81.28 cm (Chest Size). For dogs weighing between 18.18 kg and 31.82 kg.
X Large   78.74 cm - 101.6 cm (Chest Size). For dogs weighing between 27.27 kg and 45.45 kg.
XX Large   96.52 cm - 127 cm (Chest Size). For dogs weighing over 40.91 kg

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