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Litter Kwitter Toilet Training

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Size: Medium

So, what the Litter Kwitter does is slowly modify the cat's behaviour until he or she 'does their business' into the toilet and discovers that the water in the toilet pan hides the smell much better than litter. And then the cat's happy - and so is everyone else in the house! The red disk gets your cat ready to use the toilet


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It Really works

Vie trained my cat to use this - after watching the video , it didn't take long to get the cat using the toilet, you just need to be persistent.

- 09 Mar 2017 6:26pm

It really works

I purchased one of these units from World For Pets, followed the instructions and my cat Felix now uses the toilet. Don't stress there is a cover on the seat so you don't sit on the same toilet seat as the cat- Its saved me heaps$$$$$$

- 11 Jan 2016 5:49pm

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