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Small Animal Bedding Carefresh

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CareFresh Confetti is healthy, safe and fun for you and your pet.

CareFresh Confetti is a premium pet bedding made from safe, clean cellulose fiber. It's free of inks, clay and other chemical contaminants. It does not contain aromatic oils that exist in pine and cedar shavings. CareFresh Confetti is tested for harmful contaminants and sanitized to 380 Degrees Fahrenheit to reduce bacteria, mold and fungus.

CareFresh Confetti suppresses ammonia formation twice as long as wood shavings or corn cob bedding. With CareFresh, your home and your pet's living space smell fresh longer.

CareFresh Confetti is dyed with the same safe, colourfast and non-toxic dyes that have been used in homes around the world for decades. The colours won't bleed or stain pets, cages or clothing and are proven safe for both people and pets.

CareFresh Confetti can be used to create a theme in the cage, to coordinate with room colours or even to liven up your pet's living space. Use a single colour in the cage, or put different colours in corners to create fun areas for nesting and burrowing.

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