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Aquarium Test Kit Ammonia

$12.95 Inc GST
delivery$9 Flat Rate Shipping (Australia wide - up to 20kg)

Size: Up to 60 Tests

For the testing of toxic ammonia/ ammonium in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Ammonia is extremely toxic; high levels place fish under extreme stress. Keeping Ammonia under control is very important. With the aid of this test kit you will help ensure your aquatic pets live long, happy, healthy lives.

The biological cycle of your aquarium where excess food, faecal matter, urea and fish respiration results in the natural generation of Ammonia (NH3). It becomes lethal to aquatic animals in high concentrations robbing the aquarium water of oxygen, putting the fish under stress, leading to disease outbreaks and burnt gills. The water chemistry in an established aquarium (6 months or more) will be altered with all new additions, whether it be ornaments, new fish or corals. It is therefore essential to monitor Ammonia levels regularly in your aquarium by the use of this test kit.

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