RSPCA TrakaPet-GPS For Australian Conditions

RSPCA TrakaPet-GPS For Australian Conditions

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APN: AT4000
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RSPCA TrakaPet-GPS For Australian Conditions 50 mm x 33 mm x 19 mm

Size: 50 mm x 33 mm x 19 mm

RSPCA TrakaPet: ( Weighs 40g)

•See your Pet on your Smart Phone with our IOS and Android Apps

•Less than half the size of a credit card, lightweight and waterproof

•Get alerts if your Pet gets out ( Weighs 40g)

•Activate the bright FindMe light when looking for your pet

•Set up your own “Virtual Boundary” for your pet where you want them to be and be alerted if they leave.

•See your pet from anywhere in the world via your Smart Phone or the Web.

•Long battery life (up to 14 days) and low battery alerts

•Attaches quickly and simply to their collar or harness

•Track where they go during the day… and night! Now you don’t have to worry about losing your pet or hefty fines and Shelter fees, if your pet strays you are alerted and can get them back quickly. Can be used on allsorts of animals, already being used on Dogs, some Cats, Cattle, Horses, Ferrets, pet Pigs, even an Ibis in a wildlife study. Get yours now and keep a valued member of the family safe and have Peace of mind that they are where they should be. * Requires a Satellite tracking service plan, View Plans

What do you get? This package contains; - TrakaPet unit - USB lead - Instruction book

Please note that the TrakaPet is powered by an Optus SIM card, reliable Optus coverage is needed in order for the unit to function correctly.


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Great Product by Allan on 02 Mar 2016 10:35pm

Had our Trakapet for a week now, Scotty got away in the storm and I could find him he was exactly where my phone said he was. Great and easy to use.

Best Tracker out there. by Josie on 03 Mar 2016 8:09am

This is great I'm on Vacation back in New York and I can see where Tabby is whenever I want. Works well, I'm not good with passwords and things, when I got mine wrong, I rang and ist was great, you ring a real phone answered by a real person, Mario was great got me back in and set up in no time. The RSPCA have great service


Cant praise this product enough. Bought it because we wanted to take our dog on holidays and thought it would help if she got out in a new place and yes we needed it. We came home when a storm came from nowhere and she was gone freaked out like she normally does at home thanks to trakapet found her safe and sound down the beach playing with some kids. Had a few questions about the trakapet and found the support easy to get onto and very helpful thanks again trakapet

Reccomended by Pete on 04 Mar 2016 2:23pm

I was worried when I bought the Trakapet as I'm in a fringe area for Optus at Barden Ridge. I needn't have worried, fired it up and there it was right on the table on my balcony where I put it. We travel everywhere in our caravan with our dog and its is great.

DIPSEY THANKS YOU by mary dawson on 04 Mar 2016 5:20pm

Our dog is a real wanderer so we got the Trakapet for her and it has paid for itself already. We have traked her 4 times so far and got her back in record time. It has never come off and she constantly scratches herself and we are now investing in one for our cat Milo

Love the Trakapet by Kirsty Creaney on 04 Mar 2016 5:25pm

My cat Lexy often goes days without us seeing her. Now with the Trakapet I know where she is (down the street with her second family) which is alright as we both laugh about it and feed her still and share the love. Great product to find out what your cat is up to.

Not all it is claimed by Kevin on 10 Mar 2016 12:47am

Works OK when your pet is out and about but I found some serious issues with the Safe Zone. Even after setting the Safe Zone boundary an extra 30 meters outside my boundary fence we got reports back that the Safe Zone had been breached when the unit was infact well inside the Safe Zone. I sent Mario who is apparently the contact for the unit a screen print of this type of error several months ago but I am still waiting for a reply. Looks like my issue is in the "to difficult" file.

Don't use for my dog but is great for the kids by Alex on 31 Mar 2016 4:53pm

The Trakapet is a very reliable unit. We use it in the car. My kids both drive and we don't like calling them when they are driving. The trakapet tells us where they are. I use a USB charger thats at the back of our car and keep it plugged in to keep it charged, it works great.

Very Suspicious by Robert on 20 Apr 2016 2:19pm

It looks like a bunch of positive reviews are fake....I never buy products where manufacturers find it necessary to take such steps

Tracks the Dog and the Aprentice by Dave Pickford on 11 May 2016 10:25am

We got a Trakapet when Lokie ran off out the front door he's normally very good. We use it on him when we are all out of the house and hes alone or if he goes out with the kids. I found another good use for it the other day, the apprentice takes forever when he goes on a pickup. Dropped the trakapet in he back of the ute and found he was malingering! good stuff

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