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Bird Sports Birdie Basketball

$13.00 Inc GST
delivery$9 Flat Rate Shipping (Australia wide - up to 20kg)

Size: L 11 cm x W 9.5 cm

For parakeets, cockatiels and similar sized birds.

The parakeet, along with cockatiels and other small parrots, requires stimulation and exercise for its well-being. In its natural habitat the bird's keen mind, extraordinary sensitivity to the environment and physical prowess are all utilized in daily activities. This bird toy has been designed to stimulate the bird's mind as well as its motor skills and to keep your bird vigorous and healthy.

Product Reviews for Bird Sports Birdie Basketball

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My Bird doesnt touch it

I just purchased one of these Birdie Basketball cage accessories. Unfortunately my bird refuses to go near it. It might be ok for some birds just not mine.

Dora Johnston
- 12 Feb 2018 12:44pm

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