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Milbemax Cats Allwormer 2 - 8kg

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Size: 2 Tablets

For Cats Weighing over 2 kg.

MILBEMAX all wormer protects against the most common and serious worms that affect cats.

MILBEMAX combines ease of use and broad-spectrum protection to create a safe, highly effective medicine. And, because MILBEMAX tablets are smaller and easier to dose than other wormers, protecting your cat is easier than ever.

How do Cats get worms?

  • Almost all kittens get roundworm from their mother's milk. Roundworm can also be picked up in the soil or by ingesting infected prey.
  • Hookworm infections occurs when cats walk on or ingest contaminated soil.
  • Tapeworm are contracted by eating infected meat, ingesting infected animals such as mice, or by swallowing infected fleas during grooming.
  • Heartworm are spread when infective mosquitoes bite cats and transfer heartworm larvae.

MILBEMAX is safe for use on kittens over 6 weeks old. Kittens should be treated at 6, 8 and 12 weeks of age then every 3 months thereafter.

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I was recommended this product by my local vet, as my poor little kitty caught tape worm. I highly recommend Milbemax tablets for all cats. Easy to use, and Works really fast!

- 10 May 2016 2:57pm

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