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JerHigh Dog Treat Sticks

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Size: 100 g

My friend Brutus has the best job in the world. He's the guard mutt at the JerHigh factory and sees what actually goes into JerHigh Chicken and Bacon. He says the chicken is the same premium fresh chicken humans pay big bucks for. And it's all chicken, no carcasses, off cuts or even bones.

I can't believe humans don't love bones!

Brutus laughs until his jaw wobbles as the humans put on gumboots, hairnets, face masks, white coats and gloves before entering the building to carefully lay chicken onto trays to hand and oven cook them for 12 hours, then cut them by hand into tender sticks, then truck after truck ship them to stores.

It makes my heart sing to think of all those great owners out there who understand that treats made with love are the only treats to have. They understand that after all our hard work and sloppy cuddles we deserve the best. And boy, they're right.

JerHigh is made of real chicken meat and is carefully prepared to provide a healthy, tasty and highly digestible snack. JerHigh is full of natural goodness and has the nutritional benefits your dog needs for a healthy and happy life.

JerHigh is a suitable snack, reward, or gift to show how much you love them, whatever the occassion.

JerHigh does not require refrigeration and has a long life. It is easy to carry, easy to serve and features a pleasant aroma.

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