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Airline Approved Pet Carrier

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Travelling overseas with your pet? Then this Airline Approved Pet Carrier is a must have!

This Airline Approved Pet Carrier is made from high-quality durable materials. It is well ventilated and spacious and features a stainless steel door. It has been approved for airline transport for pets.

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Cat carrier - large

I always use one of these carriers for my cat when I take him travelling. I like them as they are easy to shut the door on and have lots of air holes. I have tried both the big and small versions. He seems to do better in the larger size and I put a small litter tray in there so if he needs to go he can use it as he likes to keep super clean (and he did use it the last time we travelled). I would recommend this product to others.

Adrianne Jamieson
- 28 Dec 2016 3:21pm

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