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Vetafarm Macaw Nuts

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Size: 2 kg

Designed to meet the needs of South American Parrots such as Macaws Conures and Amazons. This formula’s nut content is fully balanced to meet the nutritional requirements of your valuable birds.
Macaw Nuts should be used as a total diet but may also be used as a balanced addition to seed and fruit diets.

Feeding: Macaw Nuts has been designed to provide a total feed for Macaws Amazons and Conures. Macaw nuts is also quite suitable for African Greys and Eclectus.

Macaw Nuts should be fed as a total diet - fruits and vegetables may be given as behavioural enrichment for the birds. However other supplements are not required.

Where the birdkeeper does not wish to feed a total pellet diet, Macaw Nuts may be used as a balanced supplement for birds on a grain diet.
By adding the pellets to the soft feed or soaked seeds, the pellets form a balanced supplement that greatly improves any seed based diet.

Nutritional Balance: South American birds have some peculiar dietary requirements that are satisfied by the Macaw Nuts.
Their protein and amino acid requirements are balanced with the need for adequate fat and ample antioxidants.

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