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Vetafarm Nectar Pellets

$11.95 Inc GST
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Size: 350 g

An extruded pellet for all Lorikeets with a very high palatability and acceptance rate. After 4-5 days of feeding Nectar Pellets the watery droppings will firm up similar to other parrots.
This is a complete diet but Blossom Nectar can be mixed to create a moist food.

Nectar Pellets have been designed to provide a total feed for Loris and Lorikeets. The unique apple flavoured pellets are readily accepted by all Loris and Lorikeets.
They may be fed with the addition of fruits and vegetables or a wet mix (Golden Lori Rice Formula is ideal to make a wet mix).

Nutritional Balance:
Loris and Lorikeets require special nutrition to enable them to remain active and colourful. Nectar Pellets are the ideal nutrition for any Lori or Lorikeet where a fully balanced low mess feed is required.

Nectar Pellets will greatly reduce the “squirts”, or messy droppings of Lorikeets, making them much more acceptable as indoor pets.

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