Dear World for Pets Customers,

I can well understand how many of you have been frustrated and inconvenienced by a variety of stock issues that have occurred over the last few months. Rather than attempting to make excuses I will simply tell you that these occurred because of cash flow issues.

As I’m sure you realise, our first priority is always the animals in our care and if it becomes a question of either-or, then World for Pets must sadly come second. In many ways this is a catch 22 situation because World for Pets raises vital money for the animals in our nine care centres and any loss in profits impacts on our overall operating costs. World for Pets is owned by RSPCA Qld and therefore solely funded by RSPCA Qld.

RSPCA Qld now rehomes more animals than any other animal welfare organisation in the Southern hemisphere and we’re immensely proud of that achievement. We are also spending more money on rehabilitation, both veterinary and behaviourally, than ever before. Sadly all of these achievements have affected the budget available to World for Pets.

But now for the good news. We believe we have had at least partially solved the cash flow crisis and we are sure you will soon notice a vast improvement in the variety of stock available.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and sincerely hope we can count on your ongoing patronage.

Kind Regards,

Mark Townend, CEO - RSPCA QLD